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Im scared of the future, it might change me. What if I don't like the future?
90's Computer
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90's Computer is a Male contestant on Jpp. He is very self fish and could be mean. He be nice so if you dont piss him off.He would be mad for the rest of the day.Sorry folks but old slag is also in his vocabulary. He was made in the 90's and was frozen in time and now he finds him self in the present day. A few years isn't that bad right? so he is like 12 not counting the years he has been frozen. He tries o be good and nice : )

Appearance Edit

Old 90"s Pc with no keyboard. He has a faded Blue screen and is a bulky. 

Personality Edit

Cool or like what it is in the 90's. 90s computer is a special little kid. When he doesn't get his way he resorts into violence as in pulling a gun on Item Box when he did not have enough money to pay for his decoration. He then ran over 3D Traffic Cone with his car after she stole his Cheeseburger. He could get easily irritated. 90s computers love for his tommigatchi is one of his biggest flaws. He  is also known to be stubborn.

Game-Play Edit

JPP 1 Edit

In JPP, 90s computer was able to get a good enough leap from getting 10th place in the sign up challenge. He soon advance to the final 16, when he was fist put for elimination. He just barely survived with 1 more less vote than Puzzle He than later slacked and got low placements. He never got last until Challenge 8 when he was the only contestant to to do the challenge. He was UFE. He did redeems himself in Challenge 7 but took mager fall from Challenge 8. He is currently UFE. He has made it to the final 10.

Trivia Edit

  • His user first sign up as Pizza before switching to 90sPC.
  • Sometimes he is shown armless

Gallery Edit

Challenge Rankings Edit

  • Sign up Challenge (10th/50th)
  • Challenge 1 (6th/20th)
  • Challenge 2 (5th/20th)
  • Challenge 3 (4th/19th)
  • Challenge 4 (EXC/16th)
  • Challenge 5 (5th/14th)
  • Challenge 6 (6th-7th/13th-14th)
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