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I'm not cute, I'm Sexy

Lady Finger is a female contestant in JPP 1. And was one of the 6 contestants to make alumni.


Lady finger is a thin dry egg based biscuit flavored with powdered sugar. She has a long strands of blonde hair with oval shaped lipstick on her lips. Physically in a form of a long finger


Ladyfinger is known to be a bit rude when it comes to new people, but strives to save others. She is quite the party goer and never gives up. She is always the first to bring justice even if she enjoys stripping with Stacy. She has a strong bond with Speaker and even to the point of making a collab at one point. Other contestants see her as a bratty, selfish teenage girl, with no sense of maturity. She could seem bratty at times but never tries to do wrong. Ladyfinger is known to have a number of friends and maybe its because of her quirkiness. Ladyfinger does not show any remorse when she is forced to kill, without hesitation. Which makes her so special.


JPP 1[]

Ladyfinger has a smooth and solid game-play at the beginning of the game usually just right above the UFE spot. She did struggle at times but barley fell in the UFE spot. Her first major improvement was in the Challenge 10 results when she placed first. Granting her a guarantee spot in the Alumni.