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== Basic Info == Stereotypical Dad is a male contestant who is currently competing in JPP, according to his user, lego, he is canonically 42 years old and has a son named Stereotypical Son.

Stereotypical Dad's previous Temmiemania Design


Stereotypical Dad loves all things dad's do. BBQS, Coffee, Dad Jokes, Getting up early on holidays, the whole shabang. Stereotypical Dad is shown to usually use items at his disposal, often getting a bit of help from his son, his best friend world's Best Dad Mug, and various other people such as Quintus Minimus, and his arch rival, ginger Jimmy.


Stereotypical Dad had a simple 4 panel entry, changed four times total before becoming a live action entry, making him the only character to have a live action entry series. After getting into the show in 8th, he was offered an opportunity to join an alliance with [REDACTED]. He was the 1st person to send in a challenge 1 entry.

Daddy here now..png